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We build networks the right way…
that will offer you the performance, flexibility, and scalability necessary to run your business.

OpSec Consulting has a team of experienced certified engineers and technicians that will build you cost-effective local and wide area network solutions that will get the job done now and into the future. We can design, build, replace, and reconfigure your network, giving you the reliability and performance you need to run your business.

Here are just a few of the networking services we offer:

Ethernet 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s technology

is used as the backbone of local area networks within an office or building.

For the server room, you could use Ethernet 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s, or you can use fiber cabling for even faster speeds and longer distances. Fiber can also be used in areas where there is a lot of electromagnetic interference and it is often used with storage area networks.

Wireless access points

allow mobile users to easily connect and roam.

Switches will connect your computers, servers, and other devices together while offering advanced features, faster performance, security, and isolation.
Routers can connect local area networks and wide area networks, such as multiple buildings or sites.

Firewalls are used to protect your company

by keeping unwanted people out, while allowing you the necessary access to do your job.

OpSec Consulting is a leading IT consulting firm that will ensure your company is protected and allow your staff to get connected to the network.

Did you know?

Enterprise networks congestion is usually caused by bad configuration management, security vulnerabilities, outdated hardware, quality of service provisioning, and rogue devices and adapters.

Protect yourself from security holes, unauthorized users & devices, and rogue software.

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