Server and Server Virtualization Management

Server Management

OpSec Consulting can make sure you get the most out of your servers including the performance, reliability, scalability, and security that you need.

The primary function of a server is to serve. Servers provide essential services, run applications to get things done, store files, provide authentication that provides who is logging in and who is accessing a resource, and control access to company resources. First, we can make sure that the servers can give you the performance that you need to run and access your services and applications. In addition, we can help you choose and configure the correct hardware so that your system is resistant against outages. We can also design systems that are scalable, which means they can grow as needed by adding additional processing or memory, or by adding additional servers. Lastly, we can ensure that the servers are secure, and we can make sure that your services and applications are isolated from other services and applications.

Server Virtualization

While small companies could get by with a couple of servers, larger companies would need quite a few servers. Today, if you need multiple servers, you should think of virtualization, which allows one powerful physical computer to run multiple virtual servers. The multiple virtual servers allow you to isolate workloads and to use physical resources more efficiently than if you had to purchase many physical servers. OpSec can help setup, configure, and manage your virtual server environment based on VMWare ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V.

OpSec can help you implement, configure, and manage a virtual environment and convert your physical servers to virtual machines. To make an environment more resistant against server failure and you are using a virtualized environment, we can implement two or more physical servers. If one of the servers fail, the virtual machines can move to the remaining physical server so that your virtual machines will keep running and provide the services that you depend on.

Did you know?

A typical dedicated server operating at just 5 to 15 percent of its capacity. Virtualization allows you to increase the efficiency of physical servers by increasing the usage of each physical server.

Protect yourself from security holes, unauthorized users & devices, and rogue software.

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